Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Quest Contest- Nifty Nappy

Hello my name is Vilate Thacker.

I am admitting to the world that I am a cloth diaper addict.

There, I said it. This really isn’t news to those that know me. I live, eat and dream cloth diapers. Well, I guess I don’t really eat them. I do live better though because of all the amazing friends I have made and all the interesting information I have gathered. I try to be a little more eco-friendly and help my family live healthier. All this because I decided it would save us a little money to cloth diaper.

When we first were married Hubs had lots of school in front of him. Before we know it though, we had two baby girls. They aren’t twins, but they are super close, about as close as you can get. With two little ones we were pinching our pennies. One day I saw a pattern at a small town store for a cloth diaper. As a young mother, of course I turned to my own mom for advice. I asked her what she thought and she said she would never do it, but if I would do the sewing and really use them she would buy me the stuff I needed. We bought some diaper flannel and… ok I admit it… some plastic pants. YUCK! My first diapers were some flannel fitteds with velcro. Oh the lamenting . . . I know so much better now.

We used these for our first two kiddos until the baby developed really bad rashes and we couldn’t get them to clear up. We tried all kinds of cream, but with no support system I gave up and we used disposables for the final diapering of number two. When number three came along (our only boy) we still used the disposable diapers until I met a gal that had some pocket cloth diapers. I loved these ones. They had snaps and a waterproof layer in them! How awesome is that? Then she told me how much they cost and I thought . . . I can make them for less than that. So I did. I spent the money I would have spent on the diapers and I bought some of the fabrics and an industrial snap press and made my own diapers.

I really learned a lot from that first set of pocket diapers. I sewed them all wrong and they leaked around the edges if they were left on too long. So you can imagine our mornings were always wet with lots of extra laundry. This was very frustrating! I knew that this was not the way they should work, so I got on the internet and I did a LOT of research. I spent hours and hours asking questions and reading articles. I think my Hubs was getting worried. In all my research though, I stumbled upon wool covers. This was a great solution to our leaky nights. Oh how, I love wool! With the discovery of wool covers I found that there were better fabrics out there too. I found organic fabrics like hemp and bamboo. I took the time to learn the qualities of these fabrics so I could know how best to use them. Now I could have an amazing absorbent fitted cloth diaper and a natural breathable cover. I was overjoyed!

My new cloth diapers I made worked great! I couldn’t believe how good they were.

After all this work and effort I already had the supplies so I decided to make some cloth diapers and sell them. They worked great for my last four kids maybe other people would want a nice diaper too. I started selling my cloth diapers on etsy and eventually I was getting enough business I felt I could justify a website. I played around with a name and decided on Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers, because these diapers are just so “nifty”. It has just grown from there. I now have some active retailers and I am adding more all the time. My Nifty Nappy fitted and Woolie Wrap combo is touted as a great night-time solution for the heavy wetter. I also make a pretty mean PeachyKeen Pocket diaper and the most adorable SnappySwimzEaze, which is a reusable swim diaper.

So you ask, “What do I like most about what I do?”. I love the interaction I have with other mothers. I love that I can help them determine what is best for their families and live a greener lifestyle. If you think I can help you please feel free to ask any questions. I love to talk fluff and I would love to help you get started.
Nifty Nappy Pre-Quest Contest (December 21-27 midnight EST)!

Visit Nifty Nappy and solve the riddle below for your chance to win the Nifty Nappy Fitted in Christmas Ooga Booga print.

Night-time or daytime just give them a pull
a cover or pants made of wool
Upcycled, handpicked and custom
Just perfect for your little ones bottom!

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