Thursday, December 30, 2010

Attention Green Quiz Quest Seekers and Sponsors

On December 28th an email was sent out to all our sponsors from Brandy stating that the January Green Quiz Quest was being postponed for litigation. This decision was not made by MiraBell Enterprises, LLC the parent company of the Green Quiz Quest, but by Brandy alone. I had no knowledge of any of the statements made in the email sent to you, nor did I consent to it.

At that time all websites and banking accounts associated with MiraBell Enterprises, LLC had their passwords changed and were made unavailable not only to the public, but also to myself the co-owner.

I have received several emails from concerned sponsors wondering what will happen with their prizes, samples and fees. Canadian prizes and samples were shipped directly to me in Ontario and those prizes and samples will be returned to the sponsors once I have been advised I am legally able to do so. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the paypal account as all the passwords have been changed. I am recommending that all sponsors file a paypal claim for return of their sponsor fees.

Many of you are retailers and manufacturers I have worked with over the years and I only hope that this does not tarnish that working relationship.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Tanya Bell

Sponsor Spotlight - Everything Mom and Baby Shop

I am a Stay at Home Mom(SAHM) to a very active 2 year old and around this time last year, well January of 2010 I started blogging.

I had no idea what world awaited me when I started blogging and to think it all it started with a recipe for toddlers, a passion to share with others and being a product junkie I shared with everyone all of my favorite finds.

Companies found me and I started reviewing.

After working in the spa industry for over 10 years I got married and had a baby. My obsession for leather bags, make up, skincare etc.. switched to infant clothing, baby carriers (you will never find a Baby Bjorn here, read my blog to learn why), cloth diapers and all the best products out there I could get for my son.

I've always wanted to be a shop owner and to be honest I never thought it would be children products but I love what I do and thanks to blogging I am here. I love all things that are organic, eco smart, effective and result orientated.

Everything you find in my store have been products I have blogged about and loved and when people asked me where to buy I would send them to other retailers. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I said to myself, "Why don't I open a shop?" I am!

Sponsor Spotlight- Itsy Bitsy Bums

Itsy Bitsy
One morning my beautiful five-week-old Baby Girl decided to have five dirty diapers in the span of ten minutes. No sooner had I undressed, cleaned, diapered and redressed her little bum than she she would christen yet another disposable diaper. I dutifully bound each diaper into a little softball of yuckiness and stacked them at the edge of the changing table (at this point we still were primarily changing her in our bedroom and the diaper pail was in the nursery). As I looked over the last ten minutes of our life together I suddenly became irrationally angry (thank you post-partum hormone shifts!). What an absolute waste of money (at that point I had calculated diaper costs down to the tenth of a cent - I knew then exactly how much money I was about to literally throw away). And that small pyramid of diapers would soon find itself occupying landfill space for hundreds of years.

This could not continue!

It was in that moment that I finally decided to switch to cloth diapers.

Apart from the irrational anger shift, I thank heavens for that fateful July morning. Cloth diapering has been such a blessing to our family! It enables us to know exactly what chemicals (or lack thereof) are going on our baby's bottom. It allowed me to take control when post-partum depression seemed to be all-consuming. It ensures we are doing our best to impact the health of both the environment and our checking account. Most importantly, it has provided me an opportunity through which to share my enthusiasm and passion with families just like yours!

Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Bums!

What is an Itsy Bitsy Bum?
Changing a newborn's diapers can be a challenging feat. Not only are you sleep deprived and a wee bit confused as to which end is up, but you also are working with a baby who generally does not like to be changed. In our house the solution was 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider.' Bless his heart, that spider made multiple appearances at every diaper change for the first couple of months. And nothing seemed more apropos than to honor the little guy who first made my baby girl smile (I refuse to admit those actually were probably gas bubbles).

Sponsor Spotlight- Granola Babies

The short version is that I'm a mama of three with a strong love and passion for natural living, babywearing, cloth diapering and attachment parenting and am so blessed to share that with you through Granola Babies. But, if you'd like to know more about us....

Since 2005, I've been committed to babywearing, nursing and attachment parenting. I grew in these with my children and became more and more involved as a volunteer in the various communities both in person and also online. I began teaching others how to use baby carriers, then later joined, the largest online babywearing community and found my online home. That later turned into a volunteer position, when I was honored to be asked by the founder of to be one of their moderators. I'm so thankful for that opportunity and the many many friends I've made as a result. Later in my parenting journey, I became a leader of Attachment Parenting International and volunteered as a group founder and leader.

In the beginning part of 2010, when I expanded my store (which was started as Slings I Love in 2008), the only name that fit it was the name of a lovely store I had purchased from in 2005, called Granola Babies. Beth, who owned the store, had moved on to another adventure and had closed Granola Babies in 2007. I was able to find her contact information through searches online and was so happy when I was able to communicate with her about continuing my business with the name Granola Babies. And even happier when she agreed. I felt so blessed. My own kids are Granola Babies and to have a store that so defined my style, had sweet memories from my experience with Beth and her store was beyond what I would've imagined. It was a happy day when my store's new name became Granola Babies.

I'm lucky because every day, I get to share my love and passion for natural living, babywearing and attachment parenting. I'm so lucky because it's never feels like work. It's what I love. And I'm so lucky because in this, I've met amazing women and made so many new friends. All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone that has been a part of all of this, from the local mom, to the mom in Netherlands that choose Granola Babies for her needs. THANK YOU.

Sponsor Spotlight- Tidy Tushees

Tidy Tushees is the Okanagan’s only diaper Service and offers FREE consultations and support to families considering/using reusable diapers and natural parenting products.

Purchasing a variety of natural parenting products from our online store is easy and delivery is FREE. Tidy Tushees offers Try Before You Buy programs so that you can ensure the products are right for you and your family before investing!

Visit us at or call 250 870 4106.

Kelly Paley

Sponsor Spotlight- Little Bundas

I'm Tutsy Asmus, a mom to 14-month-old Benjamin. I am originially from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but have lived in Ohio for the past 19 years. I have been married for 5 years to my loving husband and high school sweetheart, Mark. I work as an elementary school counselor, so I'm not a WAHM, but rather a WOHM.

I opened my store in September and I love to sew. My store, Little Bundas, is named after my Brazilian roots. Bundas, pronounced Boondas, is the Portuguese word for butt. I make cloth diapers, wipes, legwarmers, and fleece longies, shorties. I'm always learning and experimenting new things. I love doing custom work rather than stocking items because I like to make special items that are one-of-a-kind.

When I'm not working or sewing, I am going on walks with my family, cooking, and reading. I'm also highly addicted to chatting on, facebook, and stalking on Hyena Cart!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pre-Quest Contest- Cake Crystals

Our jewels are fully faceted top and bottom to give a realistic and beautifully shiny look to your confection.

Don't be confused with other companies attempting to make a three dimensional jewel shape, as we are

THE ONLY place you will find a true and realistic jewel shaped,

edible crystal (top AND bottom).

Each jewel is approximately 1.3 cm in width.

Our crystals catch natural light, giving a sparkle to any special confection!

So stunning, you may not believe that they are fully edible – but they are!

At this time we offer Cake Crystals in these beautiful colors:

Blue Sapphire

Green Sapphire

Clear Diamond

Pink Sapphire

Lavender Sapphire

What do Cake Crystals taste like?

Cake Crystals are specifically designed to have a very light flavor as to not interfere with your icing or cake flavors. We think you will find the following flavors to be as delightful in taste as the Cake Crystals are to look at!

hint of Raspberry

hint of Green Apple

hint of Grape

hint of Vanilla

hint of Strawberry

Cake Crystals Pre-Quest Contest (December 29-January 4 midnight EST)!

Visit Cake Crystals and solve the riddle below for your chance to win the 1 jar of cake crystals.

If you give your girl one of these sapphires
We cant be responsible for what transpires
With a nice taste of apple
You just might find yourself on the way to the chapel.

Please put Cake Crystals Contest in your subject line and Email your answers (the NAME of the product- a link will not be accepted) to

DO NOT POST ANSWERS here or Facebook.

Only email them to above email. Only Entries received there will count.
Thank you!