Thursday, December 30, 2010

Attention Green Quiz Quest Seekers and Sponsors

On December 28th an email was sent out to all our sponsors from Brandy stating that the January Green Quiz Quest was being postponed for litigation. This decision was not made by MiraBell Enterprises, LLC the parent company of the Green Quiz Quest, but by Brandy alone. I had no knowledge of any of the statements made in the email sent to you, nor did I consent to it.

At that time all websites and banking accounts associated with MiraBell Enterprises, LLC had their passwords changed and were made unavailable not only to the public, but also to myself the co-owner.

I have received several emails from concerned sponsors wondering what will happen with their prizes, samples and fees. Canadian prizes and samples were shipped directly to me in Ontario and those prizes and samples will be returned to the sponsors once I have been advised I am legally able to do so. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the paypal account as all the passwords have been changed. I am recommending that all sponsors file a paypal claim for return of their sponsor fees.

Many of you are retailers and manufacturers I have worked with over the years and I only hope that this does not tarnish that working relationship.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Tanya Bell