Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre-Quest Contest- Happy Tushies

We are a family of 4 plus one wonderful westie. We started using cloth diapers when my daughter was a few months old. I researched every cloth diaper that I purchased and then realized I needed some diaper bags! I read many great reviews of Happy Tushies bags, so I knew I had to get my hands on some as soon as possible. I placed my order and when my bags arrived, I was thrilled! When I received an e-mail that Kathleen was selling her store, I talked with her about it and the rest is history!

Since this is a WAHM business, I have to remind everyone that I am a mother first, diaper stuff sewer second. My children are my greatest joy and wondrous blessing. And, as I am sure you all know, sometimes little blessings can throw the odd cog into the works. So, if you email me, please be patient. I will get in touch with you. If you order something from me, I promise to ship it out to you as soon as I can.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with anything you purchase from me, please let me know. My feelings won't be hurt and I would prefer to know than to have you out there thinking mean things...tee hee. I'd like to make things right. I am very reasonable. Thank you so much for your patronage. God bless!
Happy Tushies Pre-Quest Contest (December 23-29 midnight EST)!

Visit Happy Tushies and solve the riddle below for your chance to win the Happy Tushies Single Layer Pail Liner.

Is your bathroom full of clutter?
Then this little bag will make your heart flutter!
Hang it from your bathroom rail,
With its snapping loop you wont need a nail!
Keeping organized a breeze
With a custom one of these!

Please put Happy Tushies Contest in your subject line and Email your answers (the NAME of the product- a link will not be accepted) to

DO NOT POST ANSWERS here or Facebook.

Only email them to above email. Only Entries received there will count.
Thank you!