Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight- Real Nappies USA

Real Nappies is a New Zealand brand started by Liz Mole, a mother of two who had a vision of creating a REUSABLE DIAPER SYSTEM that would become the preferred alternative to disposables.
What makes Real Nappies different to other diaper brands?
Real Nappies offer a pure and simple cloth nappy that eliminates fuss and mess.
Real Nappies are EASY TO USE (just as easy as disposables). Parents, maternity hospitals and childcare centers have voted Real Nappies the NUMBER ONE CLOTH DIAPER in New Zealand because they make cloth diapering so simple.
Real Nappies COST LESS than disposable diapers or alternative reusable diaper systems.
Real Nappies REDUCE THE MESS. The Real Nappies System includes an optional flushable Bioliner, which allows moisture to pass through while retaining the solids. The liner and its contents can then simply be flushed down the toilet or thrown into your compost pile where they will decompose.
Real Nappies take the confusion out of cloth diapering!
With our handy range of packs you don't need to guess about how many diapers you need.
Real Nappies Intro Packs are the best way to try cloth diapers without any risk. Perfect for those curious about cloth diapering, but concerned about making the investment without trying them first!
Real Nappies Essentials Packs give you all the cloth diapers you need for your baby at each stage; Newborn, Infant, Crawler and Toddler.
Real Nappies Top-Up Packs are ideal for topping up your existing supply of cloth diapers.
Real Nappies Birth to Potty Packs contain all the supplies youll need from the birth of your baby up the time theyre ready to ditch the diaper. Cloth diapers, diaper covers, diaper liners, diaper sanitizer, swim wrap and potty training pants, it's all inside, over 100 items. It's been called the Holy Grail of cloth diapering. You don't have to become a cloth diaper expert to know what to buy, and you don't have to buy more diapers each time your baby grows out of a size.
Real Nappies have a unique TWO-CHILD GUARANTEE. Real Nappies products are made from premium quality materials and we are proud to provide this guarantee so that you can save even more by using them not just for one child but for your second child as well.
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Newborns and Toddlers, a swimmer and more, Real Nappies has you and your pocketbook covered with diapers galore.
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