Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight- EcoMom is a curated e-commerce site selling products that meet the needs and natural inclinations of mothers as women, moms, and the Chief Purchasing Officer of their homes, in a way that has never before been done online. is a game changer. We are integrating technology and social e-commerce, research, science, and sociology to best provide products for mothers from pregnancy through early childhood. We encourage, affirm, and provide healthy choices for mothers by only selling products that are EcoMom Approved, a proprietary vetting process that assures moms that their purchases are good for their families, good for their homes, and good for our world.
How did get started?

Inspired by her son and an “ahah” moment with a group of mom friends, EcoMom was originally founded in 2006 by Kimberly Pinkson to help mothers make healthy choices for a sustainable world. The brand grew as a movement among moms seeking healthy living information and inspiration under the EcoMom Alliance, a non-profit educational outreach organization, and as a boutique e-commerce site she co-founded with Jenny Orser in 2008.

Why did Jody and Kimberly join forces?

As social entrepreneurs, Jody Sherman and Kimberly Pinkson had each come to understand that providing the best service means realizing one’s strengths and weaknesses, and then bringing together the right people to create a holistic team that together, provides better service than any member could individually. Starting in 2006, Kimberly had begun creating a grassroots movement and brand in the EcoMom name and she had become a trusted voice in the healthy, parenting, and sustainability sectors. Jody had a powerful record of building and scaling businesses that became world-renowned brands, and he was building an e-commerce company for mothers with business partner Balaji Gopinath. Together with their co-founders, Jody and Kimberly knew that their shared vision of helping moms make the world a better place, could be best realized by joining forces. Together, they have created the quickly growing, relaunched in February of 2010 and now backed by prominent investors including Scott and Cyan Banister, Dave McClure, Paige Craig, Matt Coffin, Mark Suster, and Don Dodge.

EcoMom Pre-Quest Contest (November 7th-13th midnight EST)!
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