Monday, November 15, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight- The Changing Times

My name is Diane Pezo. I am the owner of The Changing Times. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I decided we did not want to put our child in daycare. This severly limits my options when it comes to the job market as my husband travels quite frequently, limiting my time available to devote to an outside job.

As my due date got closer, I started looking into cloth diapering my infant son. I was outraged at the statistics on disposable diapers. That is where I got the name for my company - The Changing Times. I figure, the times are changing and more and more people are turning to living "green" instead of living in a disposable society.

I sat here in front of the computer for countless hours researching what the "perfect" cloth diaper was. So many moms gave rave reviews to the Happy Heiny's Pocket Diapers that I decided those were the ones I wanted to try. Much to my dismay, I could not find anyone local that offered a selection of cloth diapers for me to look at. Since we are a travelling family, I found a nice woman in New York who was willing to meet with me (even though she only had an on-line store) to show me some of her Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers. I was so thankful that this woman took the time out of her busy day to show me what she had. I placed an order with her and was well on my way to cloth diapering. I got to thinking, I would hope I was not the only mom in Tennessee who was interested in cloth diapering, and The Changing Times was born!

Now our first son is 3 years old and feverently working on his potty skills, and our second son was born in July. My reason for doing all of this - to make the world a better place for my sons, no matter how small a contribution it may be!

The Changing Times Pre-Quest Contest (November 15th-21st midnight EST)!
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Eagles, wildcats or tigers,
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