Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight- AppleCheeks

Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu of Montreal are the designers and owners behind the fabulous washable diapering system know as AppleCheeks™!

These ecologically-minded business women really know what they are talking about when it comes to cloth diapering not only from their own personal experiences, but also because they have listened to their customers over the years. And they are so thrilled to be bringing this proudly Canadian-made system to you!

Throw away your preconceived notions. Ignore your skeptical peers. These are NOT your grandmother’s cloth diapers.

Here comes AppleCheeks™.

New advances in textile technology allow for amazingly trim fitting washable diapers that unstuff by themselves in the wash!. Gone are the days of bulky plastic pants and saggy, wet bottoms. Pins and Snappis are a thing of the past. AppleCheeks™ cloth diaper bring you the ultimate in form and function, combining effective leak control with attractive styling. Imagine a dry bottom that actually looks good! Who knew?

AppleCheeks™ is your source for cloth diapers! Our practical, affordable, Canadian-made and modular two-sized system adapts to the needs of you and your baby, and our customer support can't be beat. You've heard the buzz. All you need to do now is try us out for yourself!

AppleCheeks Pre-Quest Contest (November 17th-23rd midnight EST)!

Visit AppleCheeks and solve the riddle below for your chance to win the $15 Gift Certificate to AppleCheeks Store.

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instructions galore for begginers and more

Please put AppleCheeks Contest in your subject line and Email your answers (the NAME of the product- a link will not be accepted) to

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Only email them to above email. Only Entries received there will count.
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