Monday, December 27, 2010

Pre-Quest Contest- DryBees

DryBees Cloth Diapers was established in 2003 with five yards of fabric and a hope that people would like what was being made. For years, all DryBees products were made by my hands on my kitchen table after my children were put to bed. They barely knew that anything was going on. This allowed me to still be a mom and tend to their needs, but do something in the evening that was rewarding to me. DryBees quickly began to take over the living portions of our home. My mother started taking over the bulk of the sewing which might seem to have lessened my load but only made more work because there were more orders to fill, more customers to serve. After the passing of my mother in 2005 DryBees was too large for me to try to resume the sewing and daily running of the business all by myself. I decided that I would look at selling the one thing I loved. I didn't feel like I could keep it going and it held many memories of my mother as well.

With the encouragement of my little brother, who is forever my business cheerleader, I sought out a seamstress for help. I was lucky in that I found one of the best ones out there who helps me keep DryBees quality high. She works out of her home so she can be there for her family and when she needs help she finds other women who can work out of their homes. This is truly how I wanted it to be run. I am reminded every day how proud my mom would be to see how it has grown. DryBees moved out of my home but still onto my property in its own warehouse in 2007. This has allowed my home to be my home again which was much needed to have a moment to get away from it all. It has also allowed me to have help from local moms who, just like me, come after their children are in bed. Every day I am amazed at the other women I work with, from the people who help me run the business to the woman run businesses that carry my products. Women are strong and are able to take on so much and yet still run their families with grace.
DryBees is located in the southern portion of West Virginia. Nicknamed The Mountain State it ranks second in total coal production, with about 15% of the U.S. total. Tourism is increasingly popular in The southern portion of West Virginia. More than a million acres have been set aside in 37 state parks and recreation areas and in 9 state forests and 2 national forests. White water rafting and scenic trails are 2 popular activities where I live. Beckley, where we are located, is the eighth larges town in West Virginia with a population of 16,936. You can see, small town values are what we know. We welcome you to the southern part of West Virginia to enjoy the beauty we call "home" to DryBees. Montani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers are always free)

DryBees Pre-Quest Contest (December 27-January 2 midnight EST)!

Visit DryBees and solve the riddle below for your chance to win the regular sized Wahmies wet bag Groovy Guitars Print.

Every girl deserves a pair of special knickers for under her frilly dresses!

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