Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green Quiz Quest is COMING!

It's that time again! The pre-event contests are starting in just over a week! Are you registered on our new site? Can't win if you aren't registered!
In fact there are two contests running RIGHT NOW on Facebook that you only need to be a registered seeker to enter and another coming soon! Prizes for these three contests include Blueberry Bamboo one size diaper, and Monkey Doodlez All in one.
You can see the winners and prizes that have already been won here as well as current sponsors and more!
Our new site is amazing! Submitting and manually tracking your quest are GONE! The site does all this for you automatically!
You can also add friends and sponsors as "friends" on the site as well as "blab" updates similar to Facebook. Another amazing feature is the ability to add sponsors to your favorites with a note. So if the sponsor sold something you wanted to go back to later you can note it and add it to your favorites! Makes for a really easy quest right?
Here is an easy video tutorial on all the new features we have included in the site, you can find it here.
We know with change it can bring questions, never hesitate to email us.
We look forward to "seeing" you all in January and hopefully in the pre-event giveaways as well!